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Distribution Services

Communicate wherever you want thanks to our international distribution network!

We simultaneously disseminate your full-text press releases and financial statements in real-time to the investment community, media professionals and the public. We connect you to your target groups efficiently by linking you directly to millions of professional investors, journalists and private shareholders in Europe and worldwide.

We distribute your financial, regulatory or general news to major disclosure points, including global information vendors, the editorial systems of press agencies and key media and the major financial portals and websites via a state-of-the-art system in a secured environment.

We have partnerships with all major news agencies, professional system providers and websites like: AFP, AOL, Bloomberg, Bolsamania, Cortal Consors, Dow Jones Newswires, Dow Jones Factiva, AFX, FT.com, GL Trade, Hispavista, Interactive Data Corporation. LexisNexis, Le Monde, Milano Finanza, MSN, Press Association, SIX Telekurs, Thomson Reuters, VWD Group, Yahoo ! Finance, etc.

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